Only the photographs will remain in time, and these memories are among the most important of your life, so do not hesitate, and entrust your wedding report to a professional photographer.
Only he will be able to provide you with quality service: wedding reporting cannot be improvised.
This kind of exercise requires training, as well as many years of experience.
Having a reflex camera doesn’t make you a photographer. After all you own a car, but don’t claim to be a mechanic 😉
When to entrust this wedding report to a loved one, remember that he will want to take advantage of this beautiful day too, and that he may not be “in the right place, at the right time”.
Your photographer must be able to adapt to multiple situations: changing light (church interior / exterior in full sun or shade, spots during the evening), planning not always respected, surprises from your guests.
He must be discreet to capture a maximum of moments “on the spot”, but also be available to accede to your requests and those of your guests.
Of course he must know the basic rules for photographing during the ceremony, and of course know how to manage your guests to prevent you for example that group photos do not last too long.
Know how to capture emotions, be discreet, and stay tuned: that’s the minimum you can expect from your photographer.
But he must also have solid photographic knowledge to get the most out of his camera, be comfortable with the public, master the light, the poses, and also all the post-production and laboratory work to then provide you with an album worthy of the name.
So to be sure that this day will remain unforgettable, consider calling on a real professional photographer.
I will be happy to accompany you on your day and make a magnificent report of your wedding, to have the pleasure of seeing your eyes shine when you turn the pages of your album.

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